Credit Guarantee

Credit Guarantee is AA rated by Global Credit Rating Company, ISO 9001/2008 compliant and a Level 2 BBBEE Contributor.
Credit insurance not to be confused with retail oriented life products, is better described as trade credit insurance. It is an insurance policy, covering our clients against one or more of their customers failing to pay for goods sold and delivered or services rendered, due to their inability, unwillingness, filing for Business Rescue or proceeding into liquidation. We also provide Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds; Advance Payment Bonds; Materials Off Site Bonds; Retention Bonds; and Customs Bonds. Since the advent of Business Rescue, a specialised Salvage and Recovery unit was established to deal with the intricate restructuring that is needed to ensure that both our client’s interests as well as that of Credit Guarantee are preserved.
CregaLink is a revolutionary and unparalleled online system that takes clients, brokers and even Credit Guarantee itself, another quantum leap into the future!

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