Enterprise Africa

Enterprise Africa is written and produced by a team of journalists with a collective experience of over 30 years in business to business journalism. Every month we bring stories, from across the continent, of companies striving to make a positive difference to the industry they serve, be it through innovative cutting edge technology, entrepreneurial individuals influencing the industrial landscape, ground breaking projects and developments as well as many other inspirational pieces.

The media world is evolving rapidly, technology is helping to connect people and business in an instant. We embrace this and invest heavily in our distribution channels to ensure that the publication is easy to read through a digital circulation which is accessible at your desk or on your travels through smartphone and tablet compatibility. Whilst being at the forefront of the digital push, we also retain a superb quality print run to deliver a traditional hard copy magazine every month.

Our award winning editorial and design teams work tirelessly to produce the best content in the most well designed publication of its type, helping businesses of any size and stature to deliver news, and grow brands.

Our readership is made up of business professionals across every industry sector in the continent. Typically decision makers such as CEO’s, directors, and senior managers read the publication regularly and with each issue reaching out to a vast audience, the coverage that Enterprise Africa offers is perfect for any business with a story to tell or a product to promote.

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