Biligom International

Biligom International (Pty) Ltd, a South African company that has developed and patented a way to manufacture Eucalyptus construction and building timber. Both the construction and building timber complies with all the requirements for ongoing technical and quality accreditation as demanded by the industry. Lonza Wood Protection has played an instrumental role in the design of the treatment plants for Biligom®timber with the first TanalithTM E plant already installed and in production situated in the greater Tzaneen area of Limpopo Province.

The project has received notable endorsements from various financing houses and other institutions. Furthermore, Abie Steers, Head of the South African Technical Auditing Services (SATAS) has confirmed that he has audited and awarded full SATAS accreditation to Biligom. SATAS is satisfied that the entire production process together with all the documentation submitted has been verified with the wood preservation treatment. With Mitek and ITC fully onboard with Biligom International (Pty) the future looks unbelievably good.

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