In a market where many brands allow the end-user to dabble and play with DIY tools, MAT-WELD is all about WORK. MAT-WELD offers the peace-of-mind that comes from choosing a PROFESSIONAL SPECIFICATION brand. A core brand within the Matus stable, MAT-WELD offers reliable quality – guaranteed by Matus, the leader in hard-working brands. When you choose MAT-WELD you can be sure it’s MAT-WELD inside! MAT-WELD gets you working from the get-go, but understands that professionals look for value, so we make sure that our quality is COMPETITIVELY PRICED. Whether you’re buying one of our hard-working welding machines or our pre-packed consumables, professional standard value-for-money is part of the deal.

STOCK AVAILABILITY means you GET TO WORK straight away!