Apex Roof Trusses

To most, a roof is simply there to protect you, your family and the contents of your house, but to us, your roof is a form of art. Apex Roof Trusses is part of The Roof Inc. company group, which in turn allows us to access top industry experts from each of the following companies within the group:

Pitch 45 is an ITC Gold award winner with over 200 projects completed internationally and more than 30 years of experience.
KDF Construction has more than 15 years experience and specialises in rheinzink roof coverings and manufacture their own roofing sheets.
ScrewPro is the exclusive importer of Eurotech’s fasteners and decking systems. All the Screws & fasteners meet the highest EU standards.
TK Works is a specialist roofing labour broker, this ensures that all teams we dispatch to site are certified & reviewed by our experts to ensure that our trusses are fitted to perfection.

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