Tenebris Lab

Since Tenebris Lab was founded, in early 2017, they have primarily focused on development for the real-time VR architectural visualisation and walkthrough tool LUX Walker. LUX Walker provides a means for designers, architects, developers and their clients to experience the unbuilt. The initial concept for LUX Walker was developed by Tenebris Lab Director and Architect Gerard Slee. A direct result of first-hand experience with the frustration of trying to communicate 2D designs to lecturers during his Architecture Degree. The motivation was clear, to create a workflow tool that would render a realistic, true-to-life scale representation of a 3D model that users could interact with. Over a short period of time, we have managed to release a complex tool that operates with absolute simplicity; a VR ecosystem for architects, engineers, filmmakers and people who work with 3D and 360 content.