The case of Seattle’s Big Bertha is a great example of the dominant position construction takes in our daily life. Frequently in the global headlines, the public interest is driven as much by the impressive scale of projects, the major economic role construction takes in society as the courtroom dramas often surrounding the sector. Big Bertha is a case in point for all three reasons. you can see more here

Big Bertha – A Giant Concrete Roadtrip

Big Bertha is Seattle’s massive US$80 million borer, which simultaneously tunnels and constructs, and is a massive innovation in concrete construction. Back in the headlines at the centre of massive court case last December, the real story she has to tell is one of Concrete Roads.

Concrete Trends knows construction, and importantly we know how to put the right information into the right hands at the right time. Which is why we are inviting you to claim your stake in this annual roundup of construction trends in concrete roads.

Concrete roads are highly durable and comparably environmentally friendly. With low maintenance costs, labour-centric construction tasks, and ideal for overlays and upgrades, the arguments for concrete roads are compelling. In South Africa, and around the continent, there has been increasing demand for concrete roads.

With so many arguments for it, Concrete Trends has created the ideal space you and your organisation deserve to fully present your important innovations, techniques and contributions to roadbuilding.

Feature Trends is the latest innovation in our suite of Concrete Trends publishing products. Structured within the print edition, and amplified over a four month digital campaign, Feature Trends puts the power of content marketing and branding in your hands, with a product of lasting value. Appearing within Concrete Trends, and bound between its own cover and back page, the highly specified content is developed in partnership with industry to definitively compile the best it has on offer.

Panel Discussion

In addition to the lead story, the interview and the thought leadership components, this section of our May edition will also include the opportunity to join fellow suppliers with a stake in concrete in the Panel Discussion. Comprising a full page of editorial, supported by a facing full page brand ad (or 1.5 pages editorial/0.5 page brand ad), Concrete Trends is inviting all suppliers of equipment, materials, design and engineering, contracting, testing and maintenance services to build the best and most coordinated case for Concrete Roads to our well-targeted readership.

Whilst a Question and Answer format will be supplied, the questions will be established with you, and tailored to present your arguments cohesively and within the context of today’s challenges. Covering the following topics, Concrete Trends is first and foremost at the service of our industry, and will not limit the scope unnecessarily:

  • Design: what are the key components to designing and engineering concrete roads, and what are the essential sub-types of roads with particular requirements? From drainage to supporting layers, pavement type and thickness design, to the differing joints and their layout and sealing.
  • Material and properties: The core of the feature, here we invite you to discuss the requirements for aggregates, cement, chemical admixtures, consistency (and measurement thereof) and the properties of hardened concrete.
  • Equipment
  • Concrete: The handling and transportation of ready-mixed concrete must meet stringent standards, and the methods of laying merit discussion as well.

Covering elements of the construction, maintenance and repair of Concrete Roads, this Feature Trends will elevate the excellence and pioneers of our market leaders in Cement Road Construction.

For more information, please contact:

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