Gloelec distributes quality Electrical Products to the wholesale trade and our focus is the sourcing and supply of quality approved electrical products and solutions.

We have developed over the years into an established key provider of quality leading branded products in the installation and Industrial Switchgear markets, providing not only consistent delivery of service and supply, but practical information and solutions to meet customers` ever changing requirements.

Our brands, which have been established over the years, include the popular Onesto Products, as well as MCE Electric.

This offer includes Circuit Breakers,  Matrix, Oracle & Trinity Wiring Accessory ranges as well as O-Lite quality lighting and a range of Industrial products.

Our strategical objective is a long term view and therefore recognise that repeat business is crucial for long term sustainability. Consequently there is a large focus on after sales service, where our technical sales people visit and provide valuable post-fitment service and provide backup support for our customers.

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